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a web application for exploring and visualizing topics discovered within text content using the statistical method of topic modeling (possibly a wrapper for Mallet - - a common topic modeling tool). Aimed at technical novices unable to use Mallet’s command-line tools.


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    Shawn Graham

    There's this already: which works quite well (wrapper for Mallet) though it could use improvement with more parameters, diagnostics, maybe also output where composition is in a matrix of docs by topics. Anyway, the tool does nice HTML output of the results, but maybe some more visualizations would be nice...?

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    Tim McCormick

    A possible application of or related project to this is automatic hashtagging of tweets based on topic analysis of tweet and/or target text. One use of that is to allow users much better, fine-grained tuning of trackers and filters based on hashtags. I suggested this concept of "signal-honing" by hashtag in a Twitter discussion at

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    Good visualization could really increase the usefulness of topic modeling. Great Idea.

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    Natalia Cecire

    Is the obstacle to topic modeling that it's not user-friendly enough, or is it that we still to this day do not have a persuasive theorization of what a topic actually is? I think it's the second one. If y'all run a "one week one theoretical problem," I'd vote for "what in FSM's tasty marinara-covered name is a topic."

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