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"Storify" for Wordpress

A Wordpress plugin that lets teachers and other academics easily create and backup their own “Storify” on self-hosted Wordpress sites


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  1. Comment
    Derek Bruff

    I found Blackbird Pie very useful for embedding single tweets in WordPress. With Twitter's API changes, Blackbird is now kaput. I'd love to see something even more powerful along these lines.

  2. Comment

    I was wondering the same thing as Sheila: doesn't this tool already exist?

    Or is "Storify" being used here to describe a tool that would allow users to curate content in the same way that Storify does? And if that's the case, isn't that what Anthologize does?

  3. Comment
    Amanda French

    Right, I wondered that, too. We use the Storify plugin on the THATCamp site and it seems to work very well. Of course, "backup" could mean many things.

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