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Oral history smartphone application

A smartphone app that lets historians and teachers/students records and submit oral histories along with metadata.


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    Sherman Dorn

    Tape-a-Talk is a pretty good Android app for interviews, from what I recall, including connections to Dropbox. Not sure about metadata...

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    I suggested this one via Twitter: the idea is not just an app to record audio. It's an app that makes a video record of the oral history interview (on an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone), grabs some metadata automatically (time, date, duration, location [optional]), and allows the user to add additional metadata (interviewer[s], interviewee[s], title, subject categories, tags, timestamps for discussions of particular topics), and then submits everything to a site running Omeka or WordPress.

    While a student here at USC Upstate, Cory Bohon (@CoryB / ) created a rough but working version of an iPhone app that does exactly this for Omeka-run sites.

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