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Mobile Zotero image capture

A Zotero app that allows researchers to import and organize digital images and upload to their citation libraries with metadata.


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    Sherman Dorn

    Does it have to mobile? As long as the tool is HTML5 (I don't know, a clever JS context clicky to send an image to Zotero), it should be usable on both desktops and smartphones.

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      This would be great for both desktop and mobile - the point should be streamlining metadata for images, whatever the device.

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    I would kill to have this...

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      Derek Bruff

      Mills, can you give a use case here? Not being at #owot, I don't quite know what's intended here.

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      Sebastian Karcher

      Not there either but use case: You're in an archive, you take pictures/scans with whatever device (tablet/phone scanner app, digital camera etc.). Send them straight to Zotero, have option to preset fields in metadata (e.g. archive) and add individual ones, in an ideal world maybe even have integrated OCR at some point.

  3. Comment

    I like the idea of this, especially with OCR ability. Similarly something to upload audio files (interviews) and automatically recognize (and tag) the content. Good work, have fun, and best of luck with it. I look forward to the outcome.

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    Sarah Werner

    Because I'm so excited about this, I was thinking about it overnight. I take images of books all the time with my iPad in my local special collections--right now I upload those to Dropbox and then, when I get around to it, attach them to Zotero records of the book I was photographing. It's that "when I get around to it" that's a big problem. Having the process streamlined would be hugely helpful.

    Features that would be key: being able to identify which page/leaf/&c is being photographed (it doesn't do me any good to have it attached to a record if I don't know the specific page). It's also key to be able to record the call number/shelf-mark of the copy you're photographing (Zotero records tend to be of books, not copies). I'm sure other things would occur to me--I spend a lot of time taking images in libraries--so if you move ahead with this and need to pick the brain of a future user, I give you blanket permission to pick mine!

  5. Comment

    I just wanted to add - I'm always encouraging faculty to cite images the way they do text - but I find that unfortunately they often don't! This would make it much easier for them - and would remind them that images are just as worthy of citations.

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    Amanda French

    I have a slightly hard time imagining how this would work, but it's good to know that ZotScan exists. Maybe adapting that is the key.

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